Sig Rundstrom  in front of "Alterity"   his 6' x 5' oil painting of the Sonoma Vineyards at night.
Named after his father, Sig .  
Sig has always gone his middle name, William or Bill . He did not find out that his first name is Sig until he joined the Navy at the age of 17.
 Sig Rundstrom is self taught with lots of help from many artist.  


 A really good Artist and friend, Paul Ford, kidded Sig  that he was an"ArtDog" due to the large volume of artwork he is creating.  That sparked the idea for the recent  ART DOG SERIES . 

The ART DOG SERIES  include Sig's  dogs  as well as many dogs he has met on the trails of Sonoma.  Sig is currently working on "Dogs of Summer" in the Art Dog Series.

The  ART FIGURE SERIES are  mostly pastel paintings  drawn from  live models at the Sonoma Community Center.   

​Since the start of the pandemic , Sig has been obsessively creating all kinds of  artwork.

At times he feels like someone else is doing the actual artwork as he gets into "the  zone".

He calls that someone "Mr.Mojo".

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